Suzy Marie Soto | TYP | Texas Yogis Project

"Growth and transformation take place as I settle into this place of no worries, tap into inner peace, and harmony. I release my pain, fears, struggles and open my heart, mind, and am free of troubles. Where only the highest love can reside. That is yoga to me." 

- Suzy Marie Soto, Yoga Instructor

Tamber Zawadzki | TYP | Texas Yogis Project

"I love the naked truth of who I am. I love knowing that any perceived imperfection or weakness in my body is actually a strength returning and a reminder that true beauty and true divinity lies WITHIN." 

- Tamber Zawadzki, 

Yoga Practitioner, Life Coach and Conscious Community Builder

Amanda Field | TYP | Texas Yogis Project

Kicking off 2016 with a BANG, the Texas Yoga Association would like to recognize the amazing Amanda Field, owner and instructor at Republic Yoga Houston.

Republic Yoga is a space that Amanda Field teaches out of, Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9am, and Saturdays at 5pm. 

Classes are capped at 14. Everything is personalized. Each student is encouraged to find their practice and work at their edge. 

When Amanda isn't teaching at her studio and around town (Your Body Center, Joy Yoga), she hosts workshops out of Republic Yoga. Yoga is an ancient tradition of moving meditation that has found it's way to the West. RYH is offering ongoing workshops that support and recognize the various lineages, modalities of movement, and styles of practice that create the body consciousness necessary for students to evolve their practice. 

Yoga is a beautiful lifelong pursuit. Our studio is a place for you to find balance, ask yourself the right questions, and enjoy the journey as you learn about yoga. 

RYH offers a well rounded selection of asana, meditation, and bone focused movement styles. A well rounded practice creates a well rounded individual. 

If you have not experienced one of Amanda's classes, you totally should. Really, though. Book it! 

Location: The Silos on Sawyer


I Saw The Light | Whimsy J. D'Clown

The dark clouds were rolling on into Houston from the West and to the East. Horizontal, right across all this southern hospitality. Whimsy J. D'Clown and me had this here photo shoot scheduled up and we weren't about to let some silly storm get in our way. We Doppler'd the situation and decided to load up and head even further south...

Off in the distance, we spotted an old and rusty shack on a big ole huge ranch, whipped around, hopped the fence and Whimsy sat on a log next to some Texas tumbleweed balls!

And, then, we felt like meditating, so we did! 

It seems Whimsy has had an enlightening thought! 

"Let's go see what's inside the old shack!", she so joyously expressed. So, we made our way over there, towards the dark unknown...

I went in first, because I am very, very brave, of course. It was so nice to find that there were beautiful rays of sunlight shining in through some cracks in the shack walls and onto Whimsy J! It was still a little creepy, though.


All of a sudden, we saw the poetry in our situation that reminds me of that Leonard Cohen quote that reads, "There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in." So deep! 

We then got back headed north, ate up some tacos and considered that another beautiful day that the Lord had made. 

The End.